Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Portable Download - Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 (Portable) (x64), One of the best image editing software most used in the world
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Portable Download
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Portable available for download, is one of the best applications of images and design in the world, used to design and edit graphics. Photoshop Portale is in its latest version numbered as the 19 to improve its stability and, above all, its performance, but not only is it a maintenance update, but this new update has also come with quite a few new features, very interesting, as we will see below. Photoshop CC 2018 FullIt is used by a large majority of professionals ranging from graphic designers to developers of web and mobile applications.

Features Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Portable

  • Defocus Gallery
There is a new group of defocus filters that allows you to add various blurry effects such as "Iris Blur" (gives a shallow depth of field) and "Field Blur" (graduated blur).
  • Improved autocorrection tools
The controls "Automatic Curves", "Levels" and "Brightness / Contrast" have been significantly improved. Instead of making adjustments based on previous versions, automatic adjustments are created dynamically by comparing the image with histograms stored in a library with thousands of images.
  • Wide Angle Adaptable
This feature will allow you to straighten curved objects and certain areas of the images, such as those captured with wide-angle or fisheye lenses.
  • Selections and masks
These characteristics will allow you to make precise selections and masks of people by detecting skin tones.
  • 360º spherical shots as a 3D object. 
In almost all Youtube videos about Photoshop CC 2018, one of the most outstanding novelties is the processing of spherical panoramas to convert them into 3D objects. But all the videos use panoramic images already finished, which were captured with cameras like the Ricoh Theta that offer complete spherical panoramas in a single capture.
  • General performance improvements. 
Thanks to improvements in basic architecture, Photoshop has become faster and more flexible so you can do your daily work in less time. Get even greater speed with faster downloads.
  • Copy and paste layers. 
Copy and paste layers into groups, keeping their order and location. Now it is no longer necessary to change the order of the layers by dragging. Copy the layers to the clipboard and paste them to the desired place on the panel, in the documents or between Photoshop documents.
  • Better control of the brush. 
Change the location of the brushes and save them comfortably. With the drag and drop function, you can change the order of the elements, create a folder (including subfolders), scale the preview of the brush stroke, change the new view modes and save the default settings of the brush with opacity, flow , mix mode and color.
  • Increase productivity when working with brushes. 
Do not waste more time due to delays in the operation of the brushes. Now you will notice a significant improvement in performance, especially when working with large documents and large brushes.
  • Smoothing the brushstrokes. 
The new smoothing algorithm gives the images a more professional look. Change the degree of smoothing to get clearer lines, even when working with the mouse. This function is available in the Tool Options panel next to the opacity and intensity settings.
  • Improvements in the Properties panel. 
Learn more about Adobe Stock resources, including the name and status of the license. Browse through the images and find similar images on the Adobe Stock site. Edit the properties of the font at the same time for several selected layers, change the header and so on.
  • Variable sources. 
Thanks to the new font technologies from Adobe, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, you can create variations for each compatible font with different thicknesses, heights, slopes and other properties.
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Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Portable Download



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