Computers have proven to be extremely helpful in making all of our lives simpler and a lot easier. These not only help us in the academic purposes but in the business world as well. But not all of us know that it can provide you better services by adding up some software in the list. Some of this software is available online while the other ones need to be purchased. These are the topmost, free IT solutions that you most importantly require in your new system for its efficient working.

Google Chrome

This is the web browser that you can easily get. It allows you to surf the internet quickly and without putting in many efforts. It provides you a huge number of useful advantages over all the other web browsing applications. It also allows you the feature of Cross-platform syncing; providing you the service facility to open your phone tabs on the desktop and vice versa. It is a multi-purpose browser and is known to provide you highly efficient and fantastic services. If you are going to install silent Google Chrome take a look at Solutions Site for automation script.


This application is meant to provide you the cloud storage in order to keep your entire data safe on the cloud in case it vanishes from your system. This software is extremely easy to use and allows you an easy storage for all your documents, pictures, audios as well as the videos. By default, it offers you the two GB free storage. You can also upgrade to the increased storage version if required. The Dropbox offers you the application that can easily fit in any of your devices for you to carry all your files anywhere.


Listening to music on your computer was really a headache in the older times. But now it is made extremely easy with the help of the Spotify. This software eliminates the need for buying any of the music albums and allows you to listen to the music whenever you wish. This software is available for you absolutely free of cost and allows you to listen to the music in the dedicated windows application.


This software provides you the ability to work with your documents and also provide you the services to create the spreadsheets. You can also easily create your assignment or business presentations as well with this application. It allows you to conveniently work with all the Microsoft office applications. You will easily be getting done with all your documents work with the help of Microsoft office.


This software allows you to try out your hand at the image manipulation and provides you the fantastic and amazing image transformations. Along with controlling the blur sensitivity of the images it also provides you the ability to recolor or retouch them. The Paint.NET provides you a huge number of tools to edit your image and get the Photoshop quality pictures easily.
All of the above-mentioned software surely will prove to be of extreme help to you. These installed on your new computer can really show you wonder if used properly.


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