Wild Guns Reloaded Pc is Action,Fighting Video Game And Developed and Published by ( NatsumeAtari Inc)! Well, add this to the list of revivals I never thought Id see!Nine years ago today, the HVGN reviewed the original Wild Guns for the Super Nintendo,and I couldnt be happier to tell you that it has now been given a phenomenal update: Wild Guns Reloaded Pc .Wild Guns Reloaded-Games For PC- Wild Guns Reloaded-Full Version Game-Full Pc Games-Super Games-Games For Computer-New Games For PC-Computer Games Free Download-Online Games Download-All Games Free Download-Wild Guns Reloaded Ps4-Free Computer Games Download-Download Full Games Apunkagames-Pcgamefreetop-Fullypcgames

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Wild Guns Reloaded Pc Game Free Download
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Wild Guns Reloaded Pc is Action, Fighting Video Game And Developed and Published by ( NatsumeAtari Inc)!
Well, add this to the list of revivals I never thought I'd see!Nine years ago today, the HVGN reviewed the original Wild Guns for the Super Nintendo, and I couldn't be happier to tell you that it has now been given a phenomenal update: Wild Guns Reloaded Pc.Not that the original Wild Guns really needed to be remade, it certainly never felt like a game with unfinished business.Still, its clear this industry isn't slowing down pumping out remakes and revivals, so its good to have one be a genuine surprise!Its available digitally on PS4, and by the way, that PS4 disc is region-free, so get that physical copy now, before chumps at cons try to sell it for half a months rent.Lets back up a bit, because that's how we do it here at SSFF.1994s Wild Guns for the Super Nintendo was an amazing action game in its own right.Tight controls, wonderful graphics, fantastic and sometimes humorous enemy design, great soundtrack, two-player co-op, maybe a bit on the short side, but a really solid package.For my money, one of the best games on the system.Created by core members of the team responsible for another SNES masterpiece, Ninja Warriors, Wild Guns was a passion project between three core people and two supporting members at Natsume.Incredibly, it was completed in just five months, during the downtime between major projects.And as it worked out, those three core members of the original team are still working at Natsume, now known as Natsume-Atari.Looking at Reloaded credits, while there were certainly a few more supporting crew members, they suggest that this was yet again a passion project developed by a dedicated skeleton crew.And if that ain't a feel-good story, I don't know what is!Wild Guns belongs to a small subset of arcade-style action games.So small, in fact, still not sure there's a consensus on what to call it." Gallery shooter Fixed third-person shooter Shooty-toothy third-person action fun game whatever you wanna call it, whatever sub-genre, that's presented very few challengers to the rightful crown Wild Guns has worn for the past 20 years.Its bittersweet to say this, but Wild Guns has usurped itself with Reloaded.It didn't help much whining about it nine years ago, but it's worth mentioning again:It is a damn shame there aren't more games like Wild Guns, and that the Wii and DS have come and gone without hardly any developers exploring this type of action game, so, on a personal level, it was great to see Wild Guns Reloaded Pc, but its also something the world honestly needs.Reloaded comes correct as a remake.In fact, it updates and adds so much, it almost feels like a sequel.Annie and Clint are joined by heavy-hitter Doris and certified good boy Bullet.It might seem like a small roster, but Doris and Bullet have drastically different playstyles from the other two.Instead of endless machine gun fire, Doris lobs devastating grenades that multiply the longer they're cooked.Doris movements are the slowest of the group, and she cannot use special weapons, but paired with someone focusing on crowd control, she's a monster in the right hands.Speaking of which, Bullet is actually great paired with Doris.Our canine friend attacks with a drone that opens a wide reticle that auto-aims to anything inside of it.
Screen Shot Of Wild Guns Reloaded:
Wild Guns Reloaded Pc Game Free Download
 Since Bullet himself technically isn't shooting, that makes him the only character that can move while shooting.Simplifying the aiming makes him ideal for newcomers, but there's more to keep track of with Bullet.If his drone takes damage, its stunned for a moment, leaving Bullet defenseless.The balance ends up being very nuanced and allows for fun strategy during multiplayer.Wild Guns is all about keeping a lid on things.In the original game, tight shooting and quick prioritizing of troublesome enemies was the key to success.If things ever got out of hand, tossing a bomb would give you a chance to clear the slate.In Reloaded, there are some levels where that is a very tall order if you're playing by yourself, or even with two people.The option to have three friends join you on the couch is a welcome addition, but adding three more crosshairs into the mix makes the screen that much more busy.Bullets reticle especially can obstruct a lot screen real estate.Now, practice makes perfect, and all levels have patterns that become familiar, though Reloaded has a much higher barrier to entry than the original.This brings us to an unfortunate reality of Wild Guns Reloaded Pc: The upgrade to HD brought with it a much wider playfield.Stages are now much bigger, and that extra space is filled with more enemies.With more screen to cover, it's very easy to completely miss a bullet or missile with your name on it.In the SNES game you could depend on bombs to clear the stage when things got overwhelming, but now bombs only cover about half the screen. It's now completely possible to waste a bomb.Shooting bullets to fill your Vulcan gauge is still a clutch tactic, but it lasts for far less time in Reloaded.There's no way around it: The original was no walk in the park, but Reloaded proves even more difficult.Its hard to shake the feeling that these levels were tailored for a full four players, as opposed to scaling to the number of players.The expanded co-operative possibilities is a major selling point of Reloaded, and its a shame it wasn't handled a little better.Co-op is local-only, so no online.That wouldn't be a huge problem, except this game doesn't have any kind of tutorial.Listen, the sad truth is this: Not a lot of people are familiar with Wild Guns, but when I invite my friends over to get in on a game of four players, that is NOT a good environment to learn how to play Wild Guns.Our resident Wild Guns newbie needed to play alone for a couple of runs before she could keep up in the multiplayer.In an interview, Natsume-Atari implied that the first level was basically a tutorial, and they seemed very confident that people were already familiar with this game.I think this is a huge error.The basics are easy to pick up, but there's nuance with the lasso, melee attacks, picking up dynamite, and how each character dashes and jumps, especially the two new characters.Another odd choice is the inability to continue in multiplayer modes.In single-player, it costs you the chance to submit your scores to the leaderboards, but you have unlimited continues, allowing you to practice at the later levels.On any multiplayer mode though, Game Overboots you back to the title screen, and you're expected to play through the first level again.Its a pointless hurdle between you and sharpening your teamwork skills on the later and more difficult levels.
Wild Guns Reloaded Pc Game Free Download
 There's absolutely no reason why this mode couldn't have gotten a Continue feature like in the single-player.It's another factor that works against its strength as a multiplayer game.In another odd move, Reloaded hides its two new levels in the Medium and Hard modes, which are actually separate campaigns.We've heard claims that enemies are a little tougher and more aggressive on Medium and Hard modes, but if there is a difference, it wasn't a significant one.Instead, the Underground level replaces Desolation Canyon on Medium, and the Flying Ship replaces Ammunition Depot on Hard.So instead of having a longer campaign with all eight levels, it's just a slightly different set of six levels.This means that Desolation Canyon only appears on the Easy campaign, which actually makes it a damn hard campaign, cuz that's one damn hard level in Reloaded!And the two-player, three-player and four-player campaigns follow the Easy, Medium and Hard campaigns.It's not a deal-breaker, but it definitely had us scratching our heads.Before we conclude, we need to talk about those levels a little more.Tracking this game up to its release, it was easy to cynically say Oh man, only two new levels?" because, while that's true, it ignores the incredible amount of work that went into redesigning the original six levels.Natsume-Atari did such an incredible job matching the Super Nintendo aesthetic, I didn't realize just how much work they did until I went back and played the SNES original.There's no shortage of original games that harken back to 16-bit graphics, but Wild Guns Reloaded is a rare case of shoehorning new 16-bit graphics onto an existing 16-bit game.The new levels feature new enemies and bosses, and it wouldn't be surprising to learn that they were cut content from the original game. They fit in perfectly!Though the bosses, especially the one in the flying ship, feel kinda gimmicky and become very easy once you figure out the strategy.But these are small complaints in comparison to a wider picture.The core gameplay in Wild Guns Reloaded couldn't be tighter!The new weapons, characters, and levels are all phenomenal.The move to high definition was gorgeous and seamless visually but makes things a little more challenging.It has feature issues, and while the multiplayer is great, it's not exactly the type of game you can spring on your friends at a party.Still, it is a rare revival that we absolutely recommend picking up on PS4 or any other system, should it make its way there.Thanks for watching! If you wanna see more content like this, go ahead and throw a buck into our Patreon!We are a Patreon-supported show, and the support of all these fine people allows us to keep making these videos.We recently broke down the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter debacle and reviewed a great indie game called Super Rad Raygun.We also recently finished playthroughs of Silent Hill 2 and Haunting Ground on our live channel, be sure to check that out too.Thanks again for watching, and well see you again real soon.
Wild Guns Reloaded Pc Game Free Download

Minimum System Requirements Of  Wild Guns Reloaded:
Before you start Wild Guns Reloaded Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Dual-core processor running at 2.0GHz or higher.
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
  • Video Card: DirectX® 11 supported GPU(GeForce GTX 400 series, or Radeon HD 6000 series)
  • DirectX: Version 11

Wild Guns Reloaded Pc  Game Free Download

Size: 114MB



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