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Monday, 20 November 2017

Cubefield Game – Play Free Online

Cube field 3 is a cool mind game, very simply designed and easy to play. You can play cube field at CowRao. Cubefield 3 is another version of this game and new updates are really good. When the game was launched it was not liked in general by the public because its appearance was similar to java series games.  Later versions of this game proved to be very attractive and, people started playing this game because the game was very addictive and graphics were improved, a player just need to save the black pointer from the cubes and the game will speed up.

Cubefield 3 is improved version because the initial version is very fast as compared to this. A large number of Players did not like the initial cubefield version; latest version contains more attracting 3D themes, effects, sound effects, colorful screens, transformations effects, colorful cubes and comfortable game environment. That’s why it has been a favorite game for so long.

Cubefield Hack
The favorite games never go un-hacked or cracked. Everyone wants to score higher in this game and always there is competition among kids to score higher so they found a easy way to crack it. It is very easy to get cubefield hacked, just press a right arrow key and hold it, your ship will never hit any cube.

Cube Field Game Controls
Now talks about the Game controls. Controls are as same as old cubefield version, just use two keys left and right keyboard keys to move the black spot.

The scoring card is also as same as in old version. Just dodge the cube and you will secure points. The most players said that they scored more in latest version as compared to old one. Scoring points in cubefield 3 are higher than cubefield older versions. Every first timer can g through six-digit but it is very hard to score in previous one. And playing compatibility is also same as this one also supports default flash player. Another aspect and cause to make this game viral brain concentrating. Brain games are the most simple to see and most hard and difficult to play. People bid bets on these types of games when they meet after long times and in the school teacher give assignments to play brain games like cubefield 3.

Cubefield Full Screen
There is another discovery about cubefield is that a large number of grandpas like to play this game in full-screen mode. Old people between 60-70  like to play this game. No matter either they are in the old homes or in their own homes they have sweet fights with their grandchild to play cubefield 3. Actually, this game has provided the most simple control version player just need to put only two fingers on the keyboard to enjoy this game.

Thanks for playing cubefield 3 and keep in touch with us.


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