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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Pathologic Classic HD Game Download Free For Pc | MYITCLUB

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Pathologic Classic HD is that the Definitive Edition of the initial Cult Classic Psychological First-Person Survival game. the sport represents a novel and memorable expertise because it transports players in an exceedingly weird city that crouches, ominous, within the way reaches of associate ancient champaign. it had been once atiny low hand settlement, huddled around a monstrous abattoir—but one thing regarding the butchery it had been close to has modified it. it's developed associate odd social system over the course of many generations. It may have quietly continuing on its weird method, however a sudden happening of associate unknown and inevitably fatal unwellness has decimated the voters. Prayers failed to facilitate. Science failed to facilitate. So, finally, they need turned to outsiders for help: 3 of them enter the city in hope of finding a cure or—failing that—an rationalization. the primary outsider was a merciless investigator, allotted by native authorities. The second could be a far-sighted manslayer World Health Organization has used his extraordinary talents to achieve a name as a creative sawbones, World Health Organization has return to the city in search of his father's terrible heritage. The third—and last—outsider is associate eccentric woman reported to possess mystic healing abilities; she could become the town's salvation were it not for the constant worry that plagues her, the memory of the horrors of her recent past.
SCREEN SHOT OF Pathologic :

Minimum System Requirements Of  Pathologic:

OS: Windows Xp,7,vista,8,10..
Ram:  2 GB
Video: Memory :512 MB
CPU:  Intel Pentium @ 2.2 GHz
  Hard Space: 2 GB Free
Direct: X9.0
Sound Card: Yes

Password:  myitclub
Size:  1GB


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