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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Magic Carpet Full Game Free Download

Magic Carpet is a first-individual point of view diversion, in which you are a mage who flies on a, well, enchantment cover and throws spells. The diversion has 50 levels, called "universes"; each of those is set in an ocean territory with a few precipitous islands. Your objective on every level is to store up enough mana inside your manor to "reestablish the harmony" inside the world. When this happens, you can make a beeline for the following level. 

To gather mana, you need to discover (it is spoken to by brilliant circles) and cast a particular spell to make it "yours". To gather this mana, you need to utilize an exceptional spell to raise your very own manor out of the ground. An inflatable will show up over the recently made château; it will continue to fly around the level and gather "your" mana. At first, your palace will be little and won't have the capacity to hold much mana, so you'll need to continue throwing the "manor" spell at it to make it greater. 

The levels regularly have creatures and opponent mages in them. Not just they can hurt you with their assaults, yet murdering them is regularly fundamental, as upon death they will discharge a portion of the mana you have to finish the level. To assault your adversaries, you have an assortment of spells available to you: fireballs, lightning jolts and meteors. 

There are likewise numerous different spells accessible to you - they permit you to recuperate yourself, encircle yourself with a defensive shield, transport around, summon a skeleton armed force, or even alter the landscape by making volcanoes and part landmasses. Not all spells are accessible to you from the earliest starting point, however. 

All through every one of the levels, you are on your flying rug, which can move in 3 measurements. You can raise a top-down guide whenever.


Magic Carpet Full Game Free Download
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